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Sukkot celebrates both the fall harvest and our deeper connection to nature.  It is a joyous season that symbolizes our people’s redemption and God’s protecting presence as they wandered through the wilderness.  Sukkot is one of the most physically beautiful holidays because of the sukkah (temporary booth) that we decorate with symbols of the harvest, and the lulav and etrog, which we shake as we pray for a good season 
of rain.

Friday, September 24
6:00 pm     Crafting & Decorating the Sukkah
7:15 pm     Shabbat Worship Service in Sukkah

Festivities to take place in the Klein Courtyard

Simchat Torah

Monday, September 27
6:45 pm Outdoor Simchat Torah Celebration

Simchat Torah, meaning “The Joy of Torah”, celebrates the completion and new cycle of reading the Torah. We hold up the Torah as it is completely opened and read the final verses of Deuteronomy and the first lines of Genesis.  In order to allow our younger congregants to participate in this festive ritual, the service will be held outdoors under the lights in the Klein courtyard, with to-go treats handed out for the sweetness of Torah. 

Mon, December 5 2022 11 Kislev 5783