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B'nei Mitzvah at Temple Beth El

For a Bar/Bat Mitzvah (BM) indoors in the sanctuary: 

We will require a list of all those attending from the BM family at least 1 week prior, along with an email address for each household.

  • 15 family/households can attend – one household per per set of chairs.  The capacity of the room is 50 people.
  • Up to 5 children may attend without an adult present, however they are the responsibility of the BM family and will have to sit by themselves.

Everyone entering the building must have filled out a health screening within 6 hours of arriving, and will have their temperature checked upon entering.

  • The health screening form will state that you can only attend if you are healthy, that by signing you agree to all our rules, that we recommend anyone at high risk or over the age of 65 not attend
  • A form will be available for anyone who forgot to fill it out; they can go back out to the patio to fill it out.

Everyone will be required to wear a mask at all times and keep a 6’ distance from others not in their family.  The only exception on masks is that a person speaking may take off their mask ONLY when in the place they will be speaking from and facing the congregation (i.e. they wear the mask to the podium/table/spot, turn to the congregation, take their mask off, speak, put their mask back on and then go back to their seat).

If for any reason a person in the congregation removes their mask, the service will stop and clergy will leave the bimah.  It is the BM family’s responsibility to ask the person to put their mask on so we can resume.
The podiums on the bimah will be 20’ from the first pew.  The table where the BM student or family may stand will be at least 6’ from the podiums and 6’ from the first pew.  There will be plexi-glass up in between the clergy, student and congregation.
The service will be live streamed to our website where home viewers can watch.

Please note these rules can be modified at any time

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Mon, November 29 2021 25 Kislev 5782