High Holy Days 2014 (5775)



In the introduction to his High Holy Day prayer book, Gates of Repentance, Rabbi Chaim Stern z”l wrote:
“At this season we turn from our ordinary ways to contemplate extraordinary issues, to ponder large – and largely unanswerable questions: What are we?  Whence do we come?  Whither are we going?” 

The delineation between “What am I” and “What are we” underscores the value of community in the Jewish tradition.  The liturgy of the High Holy Days is voiced in the plural to emphasize the shared obligation of contemplating such questions.  Each year, we join in mutual support as we consider our frailties and moments of misjudgment over the past months.  We ask big questions and celebrate a year of achievements and the opportunities that abound.  Hand in hand, we step forward into the new year. 

As the newest member of our clergy and staff, I am awed by the sacred responsibility of sharing this process with my colleagues and each one of you.  Rosh Hashanah marks the time for making new acquaintances and deepening preexisting relationships.  I look forward to joining you in this process for the first of what I hope to be many years to come.  

May you enjoy a sweet new year of health and happiness,
Rabbi Jonathan Jaffe

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