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5th Grade

Tzahal Shalom Visiting with israeli Soliders

The fifth grade program focuses on fostering a personal relationship with Israel, while exposing students to a deep and nuanced education. This includes the study of the Brit, the covenant, history, geography, Am Yisrael (Jewish Peoplehood), Israeli culture, and peace. Our foundational principals for teaching Israel include:

- Every aspect of Jewish life and experience reflects a relationship to Am Yisrael, (the Jewish people) Eretz Yisrael (land of Israel) and to Medinat Yisrael (State of Israel)
- A relationship with Eretz Yisrael requires knowing what it looks like, familiarity with its geography, people, language and history
- The Jewish people’s connection to Israel is historical, physical, emotional and spiritual
- Israel connects the Jewish people to their past, present and future
- Israel is a small but dynamic country filled with exciting cities, neighborhoods and landmarks
- Am Yisrael (the Jewish people) are responsible for one another
- To understand Israeli society is to understand its diversity
- Peace is one of the most important values in Judaism and more than one people consider Israel their homeland and this makes peace difficult to achieve.

Students will not only read about Israel, but they will experience Israel, its culture, and its people through film and grade-wide, project-based units. One unit focuses on diversity within Israeli culture through a fashion show. The other unit explores the Israeli government and its political parties and culminates in the creation of political campaign ads and a coalition building simulation game. Students will also learn about Israeli contributions to green energy through a three-part environmental unit in partnership with the Jewish National Fund.

In Hebrew, using the Behrman House’s Hineini 1, all students will be able to recite/chant the following prayers/songs: Hatikvah (The national Anthem of the State of Israel), Bar’chu, Sh’ma, V’ahavta, Shabbat Kiddush, and the Four Questions. Most students will be able speak about the meaning and history of these prayers, and some of the most advanced students will be able to translate the prayers based upon an understanding of the Hebrew roots system, used also in Modern Hebrew. Students will leave fifth grade as confident, successful readers. Our fifth grade students also help to lead an Israel themed service at one of the First Friday Shabbat Services.

Israeli Political Party Presentations

Krav Maga Instruction

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Mon, December 5 2022 11 Kislev 5783