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4th Grade

Tu B'shevat Seder

Attending twice a week, fourth grade students will engage in serious study of the Torah, particularly our people’s foundational journey from Egypt to Israel and the birth of the Jewish nation. Our textbook, Being Torah, introduces students to the study of Torah and each chapter offers a Torah text for the children to read, study, and learn to interpret. Students will engage in lively discussions as they struggle to help one another draw connections between the ancient biblical text and its relevance to our contemporary lives. Additionally, as students in public school are exploring American immigration, the fourth grade will study New York Jewish immigration, by spending several weeks exploring Jewish immigration and its impact on our present lives. The culmination of this unit is a “Living Wax Museum,” where each student will bring to life the persona of an influential American Jewish immigrant for their families and classmates. We also take a grade level trip to the Tenement Museum on the Lower East Side. 

Using the Behrman House textbook, Shalom Uv’Racha that builds upon the third grade Hebrew curriculum, the fourth grade Hebrew program focuses on Hebrew decoding, fluency, and reading proficiency. By the end of the fourth grade year, all students should be able to open a Hebrew prayer book and read it with confidence and ease. This year is aimed at not only Hebrew proficiency, but also confidence in one’s Hebrew language facility. Through games and hands-on activities, children will develop a deep love of and appreciation for the Hebrew language. Students who require extra Hebrew help may be placed into a small group Hebrew class on Tuesdays to give them the support that they need to succeed. Fourth graders help to lead services at one of the First Friday Shabbat services, where they will also be honored with a siddur ceremony, and receive a copy of the Reform Siddur, Mishkan T’filah, formally marking the beginning of their Hebrew prayer studies.  Our fourth grade families will join together on a trip to the Bronx Zoo.

Living Wax Museum

Learning About Jewish Immigration 











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