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Caring Community

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When the death of a congregant or of an immediate family member of a congregant occurs, the Clergy, Executive Director or office assistant will notify the Caring Community Committee and the committee member will coordinate the necessary action. According to the Jewish tradition, one is considered a “mourner” upon the death of a father, mother, son, daughter, sister, brother or spouse. The Caring Community Committee will compile a list of temple members willing to help in the appropriate capacity. A volunteer form will be sent to all congregants asking for assistance and notices will periodically be placed in the temple Bulletin.
Providing Meals of Consolation- When a temple family is in mourning, the Clergy or a Caring Community Committee member will ask the family if they wish the temple to provide the Meal of Consolation following the funeral service.  If the temple’s offer is accepted and the house where the shiva will take place is in close proximity to Chappaqua, the Caring Community Committee will make arrangements to order and deliver the Meal of Consolation for approximately 25 people. If additional food is needed, the Caring Community Committee will order and deliver the appropriate amount of food at the expense of the family. Volunteers are also available to set up the meal and remain in the home while the family is at the funeral (for security purposes). 
Shiva Corp- If the family wishes to have a minyan during the shiva period, the committee will contact volunteer congregants to serve in this capacity.  We offer training sessions for those congregants who wish to be trained to lead a service.
Contact: Rabbi Jaffe: or 238-3928 
Meal during Shiva- If a family wishes to have a meal during the shiva period, volunteers from the congregation will be contacted to prepare or purchase a meal and deliver it to the mourner’s home.
Tree Planting for Memorial- A tree will be planted in to commemorate the death of a congregant in lieu of a meal of consolation. The Caring Community Committee will be responsible for sending the congregant notification that such a donation has been made by the temple.
Baby Gifts- Gifts are sent or presented to our youngest members on behalf of the temple and the Caring Community Committee.
Helping Hands- The Caring Community Committee will maintain a list of volunteers from the congregation to assist in times of need.  For instance, during an extended illness volunteers will be available to prepare a meal for the family, drive children to school or activities, buy necessities, drive to doctors, etc. as the situation requires.  Similar services, as well as friendly visits, will be available to congregant who wishes to attend Shabbat services or any other temple function.  The clergy, temple administrator or office assistant will notify the Helping Hands coordinator. 
TBE Caring Community Committee 
The TBE Caring Community Committee is there for you.  Please be sure to call us if you know of someone in need of our services.  Our congregants have volunteered to drive to a doctor's appointment or temple services, prepare a meal of consolation or family meal during the shiva period or an extended illness, pay a friendly visit or help fellow congregants in any way possible.  Please call one of our committee members if we can be of service to you or someone you know. 
Penny Hamlet 666-2826
Barbara Becker 238-9760
Pam Klein 238-2938
Rachel Rosin 941-2126



Sun, July 3 2022 4 Tammuz 5782