Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester Religious School

RSFrom kindergarten through high school, Temple Beth El provides our students with a foundation to experience the joy, pride and appreciation of being Jewish. A wealth of Jewish traditions, history, Bible, Hebrew, music and holiday celebrations are shared by classmates as they discover the richness and uniqueness of our heritage. It is our goal that all students feel an enthusiastic connection to this Temple as a house of study, of Jewish observance and prayer, and a place to come together in a Jewish peer community – to meet and socialize.

An introduction to Hebrew begins in 3rd grade. Reading skills and prayer mastery are emphasized to enable our students to lead our congregation in worship. After becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah, our students continue religious education through Confirmation in 10th grade and then through graduation at the end of twelfth grade. Our Monday evening High School program strengthens the commitment of our teenagers (grades 8-12) to Judaism. Through thought-provoking discussion of compelling contemporary social and religious issues, our young people are exposed to the wisdom of Jewish texts as a source of guidance for today’s world.  Judaism’s hope for the future is our youth. Those who feel a strong emotional tie to our religion and our people will continue their involvement and affiliation as Jewish adults. At Temple Beth El we strive to enlighten, educate and involve our children.

If you have any questions about Religious School, please feel free to contact us at 914-238-5641 or [email protected].

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Sunday – 9 -11 AM

3rd Grade Tuesday

4-6 PM

4th Grade

Sunday 9-11 AM AND


Tuesday 4-6 PM


Monday and Thursdays


3:45-5:45 PM

7th-12th Grade

Mondays 6:15-8:15 PM

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Please contact our member Gayle Ceisler at [email protected] after August 1 with questions.

-7 Bridges transportation is $220/child
-Westorchard transportation is $110/child (previously this was free)
-Roaring Brook transportation is $110/child (previously this was free)
-Grafflin - no cost because it is part of the current bus route
-Bell - no cost because it is part of the current bus route

Please note: The cost per child may be less. This will depend on the number of students participating in the 7 Bridges bus route and Westorchard/Roaring Brook bus route

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